Import and Restore Instructions

Upload your CSV file and have the HTML link to it.

Restoring a backup

  • 1. Keep the file just as it was when you made it
  • 2. Enter the URL of the backup.csv location
  • 3. Press the RESTORE button and wait for the restore complete message.
  • 4 .You can now return to the main page

Importing a CSV file

  • 1. Make sure the file you are importing has a header for each column
  • 2. Enter the URL for the CSV file you want to import
  • 3. For compatibility make sure your dates are in the YYYY/MM/DD format.
  • 4. Now press the START IMPORT button
  • 5. You will now see 29 blue Pocket Logbook fields and 29 scrollable tables made up of your CSV file headers
  • 6. You will need to match all 29 Pocket Logbook fields to the fields in your import file.
  • 7. If there is no match then select that option for the Pocket Logbook field
  • 8. When finished press the FINISH IMPORT button at the very bottom of the page
  • 9. Once importing is complete you will see an “Import Complete” message
  • 10. You can now return to the main page