J & L stands for Justin and Lee. We met in the spring of 2000 while attending Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, Arizona. By profession, we are both pilots, but we like getting out and doing something completely different. We’re both computer and gadget oriented. J&L Webservices started because so many people asked us for help with their technology needs and we discovered we enjoy these sorts of things. J&L Webservices exists simply because we enjoy doing it.

Justin is originally from Colorado and spent part of his childhood in Australia. He loves tennis, swimming, hiking, snow, and the mountains. A very important thing happened to Justin as a toddler living on the family’s rural ranch near Steamboat Springs. An oil company came by with a helicopter and wanted to fly the ranch prospecting for oil. They asked his mother if he could ride along. She agreed and he got his very first helicopter ride. What Justin’s mother did not know is that pilots like to share what they do and convert children to their passion at an early age. Justin got to “help fly” the helicopter and was hooked. He decided that one day he would be a pilot. Growing up he spent considerable time on a Qantas Boeing 747 traveling back and forth between the United States and Australia. This further deepened his passion for aviation and is what made him want to be airline pilot. Justin is currently flying the Canada Air Regional Jet for SkyWest Airlines and loves it.

Lee is originally from Oregon and spent some growing-up time in Germany. She loves cycling, swimming, hiking, music, snow, and the mountains. The world knows May 18, 1980 as the day Mt. St. Helens blew up, but for Lee the day lives in infamy as her first airplane ride. She grew up watching blimps fly in and out of the local airport and always thought it would be fun to be a pilot. Lee was well on her way to becoming an airline pilot when she started teaching others to fly and fell in love with the teaching side of aviation. She’s a commercially-rated pilot/flight instructor with a type-rating in the Canada Air Regional Jet and a keen interest in meteorology. She works for a large air ambulance company monitoring flight operations and analyzing weather/hazards to flight across the US in real-time and enjoys teaching others to fly on her days off.